Water purification


We can purify all water flows, anywhere in the world, without using chemicals. The FreeWater purification systems convert any type of wastewater into water that is fully fit for reuse, consumption or responsible discharge, regardless of its source. For example, we purify water from rivers, sewage systems and a host of other polluted sources.

The natural way of water purification by FreeWater is a significant new building block in the implementation of sustainable water systems, a solution with a healthy return on investment. For any system we can simply calculate the payback period.

The purification systems we design are customized depending on factors like the nature of the pollutants, the water volumes and process requirements of the customer. In most cases, the purification units integrate a number of purification steps.


FreeWater UV installations are widely used. The units process between 2.8 m3 and 8 m3 of polluted water, always in combination with standard filters that filter out the dirt and remove all bacteria, fungi and viruses. The applied crossfire principle is unique. The lamps are not submerged in the water, resulting in higher effectiveness, less maintenance and lower energy costs.

Both companies and individuals use these UV purification systems.

Ozone generators

FreeWater's ozone installations kill bacteria and viruses by exposing the water to ozone, produced in-house, combined with ambient air. The ozone that FreeWater produces has no adverse effects.


We use different types of filters, such as sand filters and plate centrifuges, aimed at removing solid particles from the water. These filters are used in combination with other natural purification systems.

Osmosis units

We apply ionization processes in which water flows through a semi-permeable membrane, which allows the water to pass through but not the substances dissolved in it. This method of natural water purification is mainly used to reduce the salt content of water, without affecting the nutrients.


The H2O-LEEGO is a highly effective system against algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses. It is well-suited for closed water systems such as ebb and flow installations in horticulture and other systems in the food industry. The core of the system is an advanced ultrasound device that destroys biofilm, algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses.


Bacteria and enzymes are used to purify water and restore the biological balance in the water. An application that requires deep knowledge of the genes of bacteria and enzymes, but that can fairly simply be tuned to achieve optimal results. We have a broad knowledge and experience in this domain.

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