About FreeWater

All FreeWater employees have been involved for many years in the development and production of installations and systems to purify wastewater to drinking water quality via sustainable routes, i.e. without the use of chemicals. For several years now, we have also applied our knowledge and experience to purifying air and combating algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses, with surprising results.

FreeWater and FreeAir have their own laboratory where research is conducted at the level of nano particles instead of micro particles, resulting in extremely accurate results.


We develop and produce sustainable systems for the purification of water and air and to combat algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses, without the use of chemicals. In some cases customers prefer to acquire a set of our devices, including our recommendation with respect to implementation. In most cases, customers prefer FreeWater and FreeAir to take care of the complete installation, and manage and monitor the involvement of external installers. Our preference clearly is to be involved from customer situation analyses to implemented solutions, in order to guarantee the best results and avoid mistakes, minimizing cost and throughput time.

Knowledge development

We continuously develop our knowledge, pushed by the broad array of different and sometimes very complex customer challenges. We often team up with technical staff of our customers and have fast access to our technology partners and universities. This is how we built our knowledge. Day in, day out.


Vegetable and floriculture growers, food processing companies and other companies directly or indirectly dealing with food are currently our main clients. But our systems, installations and processes are interesting for every sector where there is a need for a fully sustainable and effective purification of water and air.

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