Algae control


Nanocavitation is mainly used to combat algae. The algae are killed by means of high frequency vibrations. All undesired organisms in the water are eliminated in a 100% environmentally friendly way.

Tests in greenhouses have shown that nanocavitation is, amongst others, effective against Fusarium and Pythium, diseases that are known to cause root rot.

To eliminate algae, FreeWater applies two systems: the H2O-FREE and the H2O-LEEGO.


The H2O-Free is a revolutionary means against algae and parasites in open waters, such as ponds, swimming pools and water basins. The advanced ultrasound system effectively destroys biofilm, algae and parasites.
The vibrations caused by the transducer are amplified by cavitation. This is the phenomenon in which bubbles are generated in the water by reducing the pressure and caused to implode when the pressure is subsequently increased again. Due to the high frequency, these vibrations cannot be perceived with the human ear and are not harmful to fish.
There are three types of H2O-Free available: type 30, 50 and 100. They differ in power and range, so that a suitable H2O-Free unit is available for every situation.


The H2O-LEEGO is effective against algae and parasite in closed water systems, such as ebb and flow installations in horticulture and other systems in the food industry. The system is also based on advanced ultrasound technology, used to eliminate biofilm, algae and parasites.


Bacteria and enzymes are used to purify water from algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses, and to restore the biological balance in the water. An application that requires deep knowledge of the genes of bacteria and enzymes, but that can fairly simply be tuned to achieve optimal results. We have a broad knowledge and experience in this domain.

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