Air purification


We purify air combining ozone and UV treatment. The ozone that FreeAir uses is produced in-house and applied in the correct dosages without side effects for humans, animals and plants.

The ozone from FreeAir is comparable to the ozone that is formed during a thunderstorm, which is experienced as "fresh air".

We offer various air purification systems for various applications.

Air-Master T20 plus 

This air treatment system is suitable for any room up to 2800 m3 and is placed in an air duct or air box. It removes bacteria, viruses and fungi and neutralizes odors, creating a healthy and fresh environment.

The system consists of a UV-C lamp, an oxygen lamp and often an oxygen sensor. The air in an enclosed space is optimally purified by means of extremely precise coordination.

Air-Master T10

The Air-Master T10 air handling system is based on the same principle as the Air-Master T20 plus, it’s suitable for a space of approximately 1200 m3. This system is also placed in an air duct or air box.

This version is currently mainly used in office buildings, but more and more retail companies are also embracing this sustainable system for 100% fresh air.

Air-Master Ultra 

The AirMaster Ultra uses UV-C and ozone technology to neutralize cooking and pet odors and kill bacteria, fungi and viruses in the air.

It is a compact version of the Air-Master T10 and is mainly for private use. It is a practical purification system, very user-friendly and low in maintenance costs.


We offer the Air Waves air purification system especially for residential homes, where the system can be integrated into existing ventilation systems.

It effectively refreshes the room, removes odors, is extremely quiet and economically very attractive.

Ozone generators

microorganisms such as fungi, algae, viruses and bacteria, but also insects, mice and other pests are eliminated by this treatment.

Selected areas, that for the treatment be temporarily unoccupied, are provided with an injection of ozone. In this way, the room is completely sterilized, resulting in a healthy and clean environment. Until recently, these air purification systems are used mainly in operation rooms in hospitals and food processing companies, but now they start to find their way to offices and private homes to ensure living and working environments that are full safe, free from harmful bacteria and viruses.

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