FreeWater and FreeAir focus on the development and production of systems for the purification of water and air as well as the combatting of algae, without using chemicals.

We use ultraviolet radiation (UV), ozone, gravitation, ionization, filtration and nano-cavitation in various combinations to arrive at highly effective, customized configurations to purify air and water. Nano-cavitation is specifically used to combat algae.

Water purification


We can purify all water flows, anywhere in the world, without using chemicals. The FreeWater purification systems convert any type of wastewater into water that is fully fit for reuse, consumption or responsible discharge, regardless of its source. For example, we purify water from rivers, sewage systems and a host of other polluted sources.

Air purification


We purify air combining ozone and UV treatment. The ozone that FreeWater uses is produced in-house and applied in the correct dosages without side effects for humans, animals and plants.

The ozone from FreeWater is comparable to the ozone that is formed during a thunderstorm, which is experienced as
"fresh air".

Algae control


Nanocavitation is mainly used to combat algae. The algae are killed by means of high frequency vibrations. All undesired organisms in the water are eliminated in a 100% environmentally friendly way.

Tests in greenhouses have shown that nanocavitation is, amongst others, effective against Fusarium and Pythium, diseases that are known to cause root rot.

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